To improve the percentage of recycled waste is a vital goal of our society, in order to reduce pollution and preserve resources.
The VEEP project intends to give a contribution to the circular economy, in the area of building construction.
A major source of wasted material is the debris coming from construction and demolition, mainly composed of concrete.
VEEP will define solutions which allow to recycle a part of the 461 million tons of debris generated yearly in Europe.
New technology, developed by VEEP, can recycle concrete debris producing precast concrete elements with good thermal insulation, which can be used for new buildings as well as refurbished ones, therefore also achieving improvements in energy efficiency.


Around 461 million ton/year of C&DW are generated in EU28. Recent studies on the characterization of C&DW samples at European level revealed a predominant fraction of concrete (52% average). Over the last years, novel technology has been developed aiming to guarantee high quality recycled concrete aggregates for use in new concrete, thereby closing the concrete loop.

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Latest News and Events

VEEP at the GREEN WEEK - 24 May 2018 - Brussels The ConWEEB "Converting Construction Waste into Energy Efficient Buildings" Workshop will present innovative solutions for conferting CDW into new prefabricated elements.The Workshop will present up to date results achieved among the H2020 projects: VEEP-INNOWEE-GREENINSTRUCT-RE4. Please ...

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VEEP at APSE Conference (Madrid, Spain) On 22/11/2017 VEEP project has been presented in the framework of APSE conference Promoting circular economy for a greener road construction!

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VEEP 3rd GA (Delft) On 24&25 October 2017, the VEEP Consortium met in Delft (The Netherlands),at TUD premises, for the third progress meeting. The meeting focused on the projects' updates and ongoing activities and was coupled with the 1st Exploitation Workshop organization. Moreover Partners ...

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VEEP 1st Video available Register on the VEEP website and enjoy the VEEP PROJECT 1st VIDEO!

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Advances in Recycling and Management of Construction and Demolition Waste Conference - 21-23 June 2017 The proposed conference has been organized in the framework of the H2020 project HISER ( in collaboration with the H2020 project BAMB. Researchers and industry experts had the opportunity to exchange their ideas and showcases in advanced/innovative technologies ...

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World Forum Materials AWARD! 28 June 2017 The Technology for the manufacturing of silica Innovative Closed-loop Aerogels by KEEY AEROGELS and TECNALIA was awarded with one of the three prizes within the world forum materials held in Nancys (France) last June 20-28th. KEEY AEROGELS was awarded with ...

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VEEP Project at the DDR EXPO - 16 June 2017 VEEP project has been presented at the DDR EXPO Event. DDR Forum & Expo 2017 was an event never seen before, where professionals from different trades, but all related between them, had the opportunity to meet each other thanks to the same goal: go towards the Circular Economy. This, as well ...

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VEEP Project at the Seminar: Circular economy in the building construction sector The Seminar "Circular economy in the building costruction Sector" took place in Warsaw, Poland in Zamoyscy Palace on May the 17th 2017 involving  various Speakers from University and Technical organizations connected with "green buildings" as well as representatives of EU ...

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VEEP 6M Meeting in Genoa (Italy) On 14 March 2017, the VEEP Consortium met in Genoa (Italy),for the first six months progress meeting. The project, funded in the frame ofHorizon 2020 EEB-2016, will realize a breakthrough innovation in the field of prefabricatedconcrete components development. It will make available precast ...

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VEEP 1st International Workshop The first project International Workshop "Engaging with Stakeholders" has been held in the framework of the BIBM Congress (17-19 May 2017) on May the 17th in Madrid (Spain)!   Different industrial stakeholders from more than 20 Worldwide countries registered at the event! Please find ...

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The VEEP Project has been presented at the event “Progettare tra mare e monti” organized by the Project Management Institute – NIC! The VEEP Project has been presented at the event “Progettare tra mare e monti” organized by the  Northern Italian Chapter of the Project Management Institute in Genoa on October the 21st 2016. During the event the Project Coordinator (Dr. Anna Paraboschi) gave a presentation “Progettare per ...

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The 4-year H2020 VEEP project has been launched! The 4-year H2020 VEEP project has been launched! VEEP “Cost-effective recycling of CDW in high added value energy efficient prefabricated concrete components for massive retrofitting of our built environment” is an ambitious project around closed material loops for Construction and Demolition Waste ...

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Project started on 1st October 2016 The VEEP project was officially started on 1st October 2016. The kick-off meeting ...

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ConWEEB "Converting construction waste into energy-efficient buildings" - 24 May 2018 24 April 2018

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 723582

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